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Project Description


Last generation bleaching powder. Made with PLEX technology.


Protect hair’s structure thanks to its formula which is composed with a high concentration of conditioners and protecting agents.

It provides powerful lightening, up to 8 shades.

Respects, from the moment of its application, hair structural bond, brightness and  resistance preventing  hair breakage.

Fast and powerful bleaching action and easy application.

Offsets yellowish tones with blue pigments.

Ammonia free.

How to use

Do not mix it in a metal bowl. Add the desired quantity of bleaching powder and mix it slowly with oxidant of 30 or  40 vol. until a smooth mixture is obtained.

Apply on dry hair and let it act 20 or 50 minutes. Check it regularly. Rinse and apply an specific shampoo.

Format available: 500 gr. / 40 gr.

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