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Smoothing Treatment formulated with Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid.

The Treatment consists of 3 products:

PRE-SMOOTHING SHAMPOO (N.1) it  cleans the hair  in depth  leaving it free from residue. Contains Keratin that repairs and nourishes the hair before performing the Smoothing Treatment 2.

SMOOTHING TREATMENT (N.2) professional results for all hair types. It gets straight, conditioned, frizz-free hair and static electricity for three months. How to use: follow the instructions of the brochure step by step.

POST-SMOOTHING MASK (N.3) the last step of the R-LISS Treatment, seals the cuticle, deeply nourishes the hair and maintains a perfect smooth over the course of three months.


Get straight, healthy and frizz-free hair for 8-12 weeks.

Great for unruly and frizzy hair.

Perfect for controlling volume.

Strengthens hair thanks to Keratin. This facilitates the water retention in fiber, relaxes the capillary structure that shapes the hair and seals the change.

Its formula contains Hyaluronic Acid, compatible with all types of hair. Hyaluronic Acid favors water retention in hair fiber. Thanks to this, the hair fiber is filled, preserving the elasticity of young hair. The result is a hydrated, frizz-free and shinier hair.

How to use:


1. Wash hair twice with R-LISS Pre-smoothing Shampoo (N.1)

2. On normal hair: dry hair 70%. On bleached or chemically treated hair: dry 30%.


3. Separate hair into 4 equal sections. Start from the base of the head and work towards the top.

4. Apply the product from the root of the hair (not the scalp) to the ends. Use a comb to spread.

It is very important not to put more than the necessary amount of product (N.2). You must apply the R-LISS Straightening Treatment  (N.2), saturating the hair but not putting too much (avoid the ‘globs’)

5. Let sit so the product can penetrate the hair –20 to 30 minutes for chemically treated hair or 40 to 60 minutes for stronger hair.


6. Once the exposure time has passed, without removing the product, we will dry the hair 100% as straight as possible with a hair dryer. For best results, dry them with the maximum possible tension at a distance of 2 inches.


7. Once the hair is dry, we will divide the hair into not very wide strands, so that the heat of the pressing iron is well centered (normally the heat of the pressing iron is in its center)

8. Press all hair to seal in the product. It is important that the pressing iron is of high quality and maintains a constant temperature of 230ºC

9. Depending on hair quality, press each section 10 to 12 times at 180°C – 230°C.

* Let sit and rest on harder, stronger hair for 15 minutes.


10. Rinse hair in warm water. For harder, stronger hair you can use a gentle, nourishing shampoo. We don’t recommend using shampoo on chemically treated hair.

11. Apply the R-LISS Post-Smoothing Mask (N.3) on damp hair and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing with plenty of warm water.

12. Finish the treatment by drying hair while brushing.

Tips to get the best result

– We recommend not washing the hair for 2 or 3 days after the treatment.

– It is recommended during the days after the application of the treatment not to use hair ties, tweezers, clips  or others as they could mark the hair.

To prolong and take care of the straightening we recommend using our Sulfate Free Shampoo, free of sulfates, salts and parabens.


This treatment can vary hair color. It is recommended to use it several days before coloring o chemical treatments.

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