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Project Description


Cream dye to color hair. Made with latest-generation coloring agents and silk proteins.


Dye with great coverage.

Latest-generation dyes that penetrate the hair cuticle for uniform, lasting color from root to tip.

The silk proteins give hair 100% natural look, shine and softness.

Full line of shades for endless combinations and spectacular results.

How to use

Apply RISFORT COLOR CREAM like any other dye, no need to wash hair first.

Combine with developer in 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol. in equal parts. For lighter shades, combine in equal parts or 1:1.5.

Apply first to areas with the most gray, at the nape, and 2 cm from the roots to the length and ends. Finish with the roots.

For grown-out, gray roots, start with the roots and 10 to 15 minutes before done resting, apply to the length and ends.

The BLEACHING BASE can be applied directly, like a cream bleach, for mid-level hair lightening. The level of bleaching depends on how much developer is used and the type of hair (sulfur/iron).

Can also be mixed with any shade in the range to dye a lighter shade in just one operation, going 4-5 shades lighter than natural with good coverage of gray hair.

Format available: 60 ml

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