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Project Description


Moisturizing body gel. With rosemary honey. Perfect for all skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skin.       


Rosemary honey is rich in enzymes and essential amino acids, perfect for skincare and preservation.

Tones and stimulates cell renewal immediately.

Well-known antioxidant properties, which prevent free radicals from affecting the skin and causing flaccidity, wrinkles and spots.

Noteworthy anti-inflammatory effects, making it very useful for rheumatism, osteoarthritis and gout.

Very useful in treating various skin conditions and problems, like psoriasis, eczema and flaking, thanks to its antiseptic and healing properties.

Rosemary honey makes this shower gel a natural highly nourishing, moisturizing treatment for the skin.

In a relaxing bath, it is useful for colds and to combat stress. The rosemary scent opens up the bronchial tubes and relaxes the body.

Perfect for sensitive skin and babies.

How to use

Wet skin in the shower and apply with a soft massage with circular motions.

Format available: 400 ml

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