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Project Description


Hand and body cream for all skin types. Contains high percentage of natural aloe vera gel.


Effectively helps combat dryness, inflammation and erythema from the sun by moisturizing skin deeply without oily residue.              

Great moisturizing and nourishing power thanks to high capacity to retain water in

the skin.

Regenerative properties that counteract skin aging, high in minerals, vitamins C, E and beta keratins.

Calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties from high glycoprotein and gamma linoleic acid content, to treat burns, insect bites, allergies, skin irritation, etc. (which makes it highly useful after traditional wax or laser hair removal).

Shea butter makes it calming and relaxing. The high fat content makes it an effective balm for cuts and burns.

Highly effective in treating cracked skin.

Stimulates collagen production, with high vitamin C content.

Although it only has minimal coverage, its cinnamic acid content gives it roughly SPF 6 protection.

How to use

Massage in until fully absorbed.

Recommended for use daily on dry areas like feet, elbows and hands.

Formats available: 500 gr / 60 gr

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