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Project Description


Hair-loss treatment in vials to nourish the scalp and revitalize weakened hair. Contains plant placenta, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk, aloe vera, soy proteins and vitamin B5.


The main ingredient, plant placenta, activates cell metabolism, improves transpiration and boosts hair growth, for biological revitalization.

Contains panthenol, which gives fine, weak hair more vitality and strength.

Hydrolyzed silk gives hair silky shine and very soft feel.

Aloe vera extract nourishes hair deeply. Its regenerative properties counteract hair aging, high in minerals, vitamins C, E and beta keratins.

Soy proteins are responsible for deep repair of the hair shaft and block DHT, which causes hair loss.

Vitamin B5 gives hair more body and thickness.

BIOPLACENTA contains no parabens.

How to use

Wash hair and towel dry.

Break open the vial with the protector and apply all the contents to the scalp.

Massage in gently and cover with a towel to help it soak in.

Wait 10 minutes and style as usual without rinsing.

Apply one vial per day for the first week. After the shock treatment, use 1 to 2 vials per week for at least 3 months. This treatment regimen can be adapted by professionals as needed.

Format available: 12 x 10 ml

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