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Project Description


Professional wax for body or facial hair removal. Solid at room temperature; must be heated before using. Available in: special CACAO, GREEN wax (chlorophyll) and PINK wax (thick).


Hair takes longer to grow back than with other hair-removal techniques.

Better skin texture than with other techniques.

The hair grows weaker each time the whole follicle is removed.

Exfoliates the skin.

Longer lasting, less irritation. Recommend with RISFORT ALOE VERA CREAM to calm skin and get rid of rash in just minutes.

How to use

This product should only be used by a professional to remove body or facial hair.

Must be heated in a special container for melting hot wax.

Apply with a wooden stick in a strip in the direction of hair growth. When the strip hardens, pull off with hands in a quick motion starting at the end and moving in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Be very careful with the temperature when applying. It is ready to apply to skin when it takes on a honey-like texture and doesn’t drip off the stick. If it is too hot, it can burn or irritate skin.

Format available: 1000 gr

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