Hot colors spring/summer 2019

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the light flooding in, the temperature and ambiance helping make us feel more in touch with nature, more alive! Our mood improves with the green and flowers that are everywhere. We feel like being outside! Summer is just around the corner and it’s a good time to feel better looking than ever. So why not a new look!??

Choose the color and dyeing technique that suit you best:


Cold or icyblondes (ash, pearly and beige) are still at the top of the most-wanted list. These colors look good on women with pale and rosy complexions. They need a lot of care and moisturizing, but there’s no question that this look is radiant, groundbreaking and very hot right now.

And we can’t forget about the warmer blonde tones (natural, golden and honey), an option that looks better on women with warmer toned, tanned complexions.

We can create effects that will stand out, and natural highlighting effects with techniques like babylights, the dying process that re-creates the natural shine of blonde babies. There are normally applied to a blonde base, from the root, using balayage (a dying technique to get highlights that are bright, blended and make hair look natural). A cutting-edge option would be to use this technique with fun hair colors (Fiction Direct Color), which are so hot in 2019.

Buttery blonde is a very light blonde with warm highlights. It makes the look deeper and more natural, highlighting the slightly darker tone at the roots. It is perfect for women with a blonde base and pale skin.


The trend this season for chestnut and brown tones is to move away from flat, uniform colors. These colors are now being blended with different tones to create three-dimensional effects, for hair with more movement and volume. We can get this 3D effect using different techniques.

With contouring (a freehand dyeing technique that tries not to get the roots), we can get different tones and bring loads of light and sweetness to the face. With dark hair, it gives you loads of play and movement, and can also take a few years off!

If you want to give your brown hair some personality, go for dirty brunette. This technique applies lighter or darker tones to your base color: chocolates, browns, beiges, caramels, golden chestnuts, bronde and black. There’s no question that this is a great option for brunettes who want a natural look that highlights their features.

Babylights on darker colors also bring brightness to the hair and make it look much more alive. They’re perfect for those who don’t want a whole new color, but do want flattering highlights.

With the balayagemethod, any combination is possible. Dare to try flattering golden highlights on a chocolate base or fire-red highlights on black. The range of possibilities is enormous.


Copper tones are hot right now. Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams are just some of the actresses who have made this color popular again and we love to see how flattering it is.

To find out whether these tones would look good on you, in addition to looking at your skin tone, you have to take into account other aspects like your eye color, to choose the tone that best suits your face. Reddish tones and highlights on a light base are very flattering for women with pale skin and light eyes. For women with darker skin and brown or black eyes, auburn and chestnut tones with a bit of orange luminosity are the option with the best results.

Copper, beige or hazelnut highlights, depending on skin tone, can be perfect to rejuvenate and illuminate immediately, although it is always best to leave the roots a bit darker.

Another popular color is blorange, halfway between blonde and orange, which has become one of the most in-demand this season. It is a coppery blonde or light copper (avoid it if you have darker skin!)

Light copper blonde is another very flattering option for women with pale, rosy skin. It is a combination of cold and warm tones, which calm down the intense copper color.


Fun colors continue to be hot in 2019 and will range from the more intense to others that are less concentrated. One of the most popular is pink hair, a color that many famous actresses adore and have made popular.

You can also dare to go sky blue, pastel pink or something more intense like purple, bright red or yellow (for the most daring).