A whole new look: style trends for spring/summer 2019

This spring/summer 2019, we have a wide variety of cuts and shapes. The looks of the 80s and 90s are back! Professional stylists can confirm this, and you can see this trend on the catwalk and on the street.

Bangsare back! It’s a question of extremes: very short, very long, thick, curtain, baby bangs…  Dare to try the one that looks best on you! Bangs are hot with curly hair too: the Morrison cut.  It’s a very rock ‘n roll look. Inspired by Jim Morrison, this cut has loads of movement and a natural, fun look.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, shoulder-length or midi cuts with curly or wavy hair are setting the trend. Bobsin their most Parisian style, marking the chin line, are also center stage.

Short, punky hairdos:

The asymmetrical pixie is elegant and versatile. It is easy to keep up in summer and perfect for hot, humid days. Triangular, asymmetrical, disheveled, shaved on one side… There are many options to choose from. Let your stylist guide you. There’s no one better to make the most of your new hairdo.

The mullet is another haircut that was hot in the 80s, made popular by singers like David Bowie and Bono. Its main characteristics are: short in the front, long in the back. Úrsula Corberó is trying out this alternative hairdo and it looks great on her!

The shaggy cut, very 90s, is basically astraight cut but with a slightly layered edge that brings the side ends towards the face. We love it with bangs!

XXL hair is still hot in 2019. The difference is the movement, which we get thanks to three-dimensional color effects, curtain bangs, etc.

Essentials to be on trend: no layers, straight cuts, super healthy.